It all started with a Biscuiteers voucher for my birthday (last year) from my brother. He always turned up for birthdays and special family events with beautifully decorated biscuits. I was always envious especially as the recipients never really wanted to share them, as they looked ‘too good to eat’.



It was my turn to have a special day, but this time I chose to go and have a DIY session in their Northcote road café/shop/kitchen. There are many different lessons you can have, but we just wanted to have a get together and share a biscuit icing experience. After a lovely cup of mint tea, we were shown how to use the plastic bags full of coloured royal icing.



There is definitely a technique, and a huge amount of concentration ensued. Apparently there are really noisy parties, but I think there may have been a competitive element in the air as we hardly said a word until we’d finished!

It was great fun. We could choose three shapes to decorate and I decided to have one of each flavour; vanilla (the jumper biscuit), chocolate (the cake biscuit) and ginger spice (the gingerbread man!). I decided to lightly ice the biscuits as I still wanted to taste the cooked dough under the icing. I just about managed to get them home safely, to enjoy with a cup of tea, rather than demolishing them on the train home.

A photo of our efforts, before they went into the oven for a few minutes to dry out.



There is so much to buy in the shop as well; books and hundreds of biscuits all decorated individually and you can even order your own designs for that special occasion.

This  Macaron Tower looked amazing, ready and waiting for a party.





When our biscuits were ready, the Biscuiteers very kindly wrapped one of our creations in a beautifully presented box and bag, ready to be gifted to a special person of our choosing. Each bespoke biscuit shape has it’s own perfectly fitting presentation box, everything is so well thought out and you can see how this little company has become so popular!



Masterclasses are available for adults and children – a brilliant way to have fun. They also have another location in Notting Hill.


Thank you to my younger brother and Biscuiteers for a fun couple of hours spent doing something I’ve never done before!